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West Asia Trading and Import Export Limited Company ( West Asia for short) is currently the leading supplier of Saffron products produced by hand in Iran by Bahraman. Bahraman Saffron products are imported directly from West Asia without intermediaries, so they have good prices and guaranteed quality.

This has helped West Asia find a place in the market and build more and more prestige with customers and partners from near and far in the past long time. Besides, West Asia is also the place of choice when customers want to use high-class Tea, Spices and Sweets as gifts.

West Asia Showroom


Director of Bahraman Saffron Vietnam Company (BRS)
Market Development Director of West Asia Import Export Company
Is the one who brings Saffron widely to the people of Vietnam.
He is known by everyone as the creator of the Information Business model, the extremely “ unique ” marketing and product promotion campaigns to the public, earning a huge profit for partner businesses.
Together with the founding team of BRS, he aspires to be able to: help BRS employees have a high income, learn to develop themselves quickly thanks to the advanced training methods in the world, the working environment. energetic fun like a second home.



It is not difficult to realize the increasingly fierce competition in the market in any industry or field. Therefore, right from the first days of its establishment, West Asia focused on quality as well as built its own specific strategy and developing direction.

With the desire to become the number 1 supplier of Saffron in Vietnam, valuing quality same as the brand of products, we understand the psychology of users which is beyond the concept of “value equal to price”.

Facing the increasingly developing Saffron market, product quality is swapped out by fake and counterfeit products, Western Asia came into operation.

Showroom: No. 22 Nga Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi  bringing the practical experience of the product, as well as a reputable address bringing security for customers to use.

With what has been happening, we fully believe that we will soon become the leading supplier of genuine Saffron imported from Iran because we always receive feedback from customers from near and far about prices, value, quality, service and we hope that the network of Bahraman saffron products provided by West Asia is expanding more and more to serve the health care and beauty needs of everyone everywhere.


In order to be able to realize the near and far vision as planned, West Asia always closely adheres to its goals and missions.

We bring natural products that are safe for the health and good for the beauty to everyone. West Asia always tries its best to complete from the smallest to perfect service quality, bringing unexpected satisfaction to customers, because our products are named as “king of spices”.

Human resources capability

“Together we can change the world”, West Asia understands the value of solidarity. Therefore, our success today is the effort of many brothers and sisters as well as the nationwide product supplying network.

As the exclusive distributor Bahraman Saffron Iran in Vietnam, we are continuously consulted by local experts on product tranning, practical applications from scientific research for Saffron products and how to make that the product suitable for Vietnamese people and climate environment of Vietnam. And in the near future, West Asia is honored to welcome the delegation of Bahraman experts to work in Vietnam.

Core values

A solid foundation is the prerequisite factor to help build strong castles. To determine this, West Asia follows the following core values:

People are the center of development

  • For the company’s employees: we always try our best to create opportunities for you to express your ability and creativity. At the same time, West Asia hopes to increasingly improve the quality of mental and material life. This is the way to help West Asia become stronger, becoming “the second home” that any employee wants to companion with for a long time.
  • For customers: we choose clean products, which are useful for users. West Asia is not for the purpose of revenue as to consulting toward the direction of our benefit, we consider customers as our relatives. So for every action, our actions are to bring the best for you.

The development of the business is associated with the prosperity of the society

Enterprise is a factor that exists in society. In order to develop sustainably, the benefits of the business must serve the benefits of the community. So we only provide clean products that bring health to our users.

At the same time, we say no to products that pollute the environment and we regularly hold charity events, contribute our effort to the development of the country, bringing the sustainable development to the community.


West Asia always accompanies you to bring better things to life. We sincerely thank our valued partners and customers for the support. Hopefully, this will be strengthened in the prosperous future!

West Asia Trading and Import Export Limited Company