Detox with saffron, how to effectively use?

Using of fast foods, drinking a lot of alcohol, staying up too late,stressful work, environment increasingly polluted,… make it possible to absorb a large amount of toxins inside your body each day. Therefore, using Saffron  to detox is a very scientific and effective way to help you minimizing the negative effects from the above problems


How to use saffron to detoxify the body effectively?

The reason that human health is getting worse and worse along with the age is because the natural aging process takes place right after the age of 25. Moreover, the living environment is increasingly polluted, with the greenhouse effect is affecting on a larger scale and a series of other factors that make the physical body suffer many negative effects.

This causes more and more toxins to accumulate in the body. If you do not promptly detox, they will continue to “poison” the mind and body making you increasingly depleted mentally as well as physically. In addition to combining the use of pure and benign products, taking advantages of the wonderful effects of Saffronis the method that many people choose.

To drink Saffron heffective to help detox quickly, you should use Saffron tea every night before going to bed about 30 minutes. Because sleeping time is when the body enhances metabolic activities, effectively detoxifying.

Saffron contains a lot of vitamins A, B, C, E and a range of minerals, Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid, … so it on the one hand provides energy for the functions of the liver and kidneys to work stronger. On the other hand, saffron also has the ability to slow down the aging process. The product also activates the detox mechanism that takes place more strongly during rest.


How much saffron is enough?

Don’t worry because the price of Saffron is not expensive. In fact, with only about 3-5gam per month, the cost you spend to have great effects from this product line is very reasonable.
According to the FDA, an adult should consume only about 50 Saffron fibers a day. This is equivalent to about 0.01 grams of the saffron.

For pregnant women, in the first three months you should not take saffron as well as other supplements. Because this is a very sensitive time, the fetus is in the “nesting” stage, the connections are still very lax. Therefore, any strange effects can have a negative effect on the child.

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